NF138 Resistance is futile

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Do you accept our surrender?

Poll ended at Wed Nov 18, 2015 2:12 pm

A) Hell Yeah!
B) No, we all have to suffer this boring game to the end!
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Total votes: 4

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NF138 Resistance is futile

Post by TheClerk » Wed Nov 11, 2015 2:12 pm

Hi Folks,

as the title states resistance is - as always - futile. Unfortunately the other way round this time :evil:

This game is not much fun and I have to force myself every turn to submit a turn which takes about 2-3 hours. You obviously managed to combine your strenghts better than my allies and I did. So I think, you won the game in a fair way.

If you accept our surrender, I would suggest following ranking:
1st Lizard
2nd X-Tal
3rd Rebel

I have no problem leaving to game in order to get no points in rewards but I would like to be not punished either :)

So, what do you say?

Edit: I sent an in-game message to inform players about this poll.

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Kid Khan
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Re: NF138 Resistance is futile

Post by Kid Khan » Thu Nov 12, 2015 8:34 am

I do not approve.

Its a sign of greatness to stand tall in one's own defeats and a sign of weakness to give up and run away.

Cheesy words for a simple game, granted.

But nonetheless true once you decided to start playing this.

You see, I'm playing this game for a long, long time, and I've met all sorts of players character-wise. To sort them roughly in two groups there are the ones, who play to win. Second place is the first loser and not worth their time and effort. And there are the ones who simply love the tactical challenge of any given situation no matter their position on the score board. It doesn't hurt to win, but 8th place can be even more rewarding, if you finally conquered your neighbor after 100 turns. Its like a game of chess when you know before the start your opponent is way beyond your own skills, but you might have a few tricks in the bag he doesn't expect in his overconfidence.

The first group are the ones who drop out at the first sign of difficulties, may it be a better player, a bad starting position, an alliance against him, bad decisions or simply ill luck, you name it. The second group plays to the end, even if its just one ship and one planet left for them, there is always the chance for a little hide and seek.

I count myself into the second group and I hate people dropping out of the game. Its bad enough if its your neighbor who you were fighting and spending lots of time and thoughts with to play that game, usually for months, sometimes even years, just to see you're fighting the Q one fine morning. Those are the most disappointing moments for me in this game. But if its even the leading race, who all others work for to bring him down, well... that is killing the game, making the time spent with it useless.

There's always the RL factor, no problem with that. But leaving the game because you feel you cant win anymore (read "taking P1") is unfair to all other players who invest their free time to make it a game worthwhile. Its a MULTIplayer game, the more take part, the more fun it is. Would you set up a game at home playing against 10 Qs?

Quitting is an annoying move. Asking for it, making a poll doesn't make it less annoying and in my view thats exactly what the penalty points are for: leaving a game for no other reason than losing it. I don't wonna be third, I want to see you going down, being a part of planning and making it happen, I want to see your BIOs burn, your planets melt away, I want to make sense to the last year I spent with this game. With your last poll I asked to extent the game beyond 100 in return, because I thought 100 might not be enough to bring you down. I still think so, and I still would want to go further, because in the long run you will fall.

But not like this.

Disappointing move, buddy.

I wont enter a vote, because the game is destroyed, one way or the other. Thanks for wasting my time. New entry on the "Dont-play-with-list".

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Re: NF138 Resistance is futile

Post by FireAge » Sat Nov 14, 2015 6:02 pm

Voted to end as requested, no need to keep playing if you lost your interest. Somehow you didn't manage to get your team operational. I was expecting a large amount of heavy phaser Bio/Anni to appear after you joined with the Fed and Privateer.

I would propose to have this ranking though:

2: Rebel
3: Borg

I just joined to help out the Lizard, which worked out well. Don't need any points for that, as my job was easy. Quickly setup a good economy, and then overpower everyone with large amounts of 150ly webmines :mrgreen:

You played a great game at the start (which I missed), but end game versus liz/reb/crys combo is a done deal. If we had not managed to get the Rebel on our team, we would have needed a lot more time to take you down, as we would not have had proper base killing potential.

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Re: NF138 Resistance is futile

Post by Marcel » Mon Nov 16, 2015 2:46 pm

Dear Mr Borg.

After 30+ turns of “just moving my fleet” and the withdrawal of my ally –Kid & FireAge turns this game back to fun.
Right now, I can’t wait for the next host to see our plans come true.

BUT of course if the game is no more fun for you, I will accept your capitulation!
At the end, it’s just a game and I play for fun too ;)

Thx for a loooong and interesting game !


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Re: NF138 Resistance is futile

Post by FireAge » Tue Nov 17, 2015 3:03 pm

I've send an email to bitmask and havok asking them to put a fork in this one. Don't forget to submit your next turn in case they don't stop it before wednesday evening.

Thanks Marcel and Kid for an enjoyable alliance.
Thanks Borg for being a big target :bang: and the free Fireclouds
Thanks Privateer for the free MCBR
Thanks Fed for the free Missouri

See you in the echo cluster.


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Re: NF138 Resistance is futile

Post by FireAge » Wed Nov 18, 2015 3:37 pm

I've send in my empty turn because time is running out.

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Re: NF138 Resistance is futile

Post by Havok » Thu Nov 19, 2015 10:09 am

This game has ended.

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