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Asimov's Foundation

Posted: Mon Sep 30, 2013 12:26 am
by Aleortu
If you love Sci-Fi you must at least have read the Foundation Trilogy, or the complete saga which is joint with the Robots saga making a kinda complete history of the future.

When I started playing VGA Planets I was sad to see there were not references to the Foundation in Tim's work.
The reality is that these books did not focus in the space battles nor races habilities: it is human vs human and the main characters do politics and... other stuff.

I have made a thread in the VGA Planets discussion forum talking about how a Foundation race should be. Here is the link: ... f=2&t=5116

Anyway, if any of you enjoyed the Foundation and wants to discuss about it, here is an Asimovian to talk. :D