Solar Federation

Post here if you are interested in the balancing of the Tim branded shiplist

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Solar Federation

Post by Shardin5 » Thu Apr 06, 2006 6:47 pm

Post ideas about ships for the Fed's. This should be used in helping Zap and Bane come up with a new shiplist. Post Ideas about exceptable race advantages too
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Post by B A N E » Sun Apr 09, 2006 2:13 pm

Hull Name_____TL__E__B__F__T_Crew_Mass_Fuel_Cargo_Cost_Tri_Dur_Mol
Outrider SC____1__1__1__-__-__180___75__260____40___50__40__20___5
Nocturne DD____2__1__4__-__2__190___90__180____50___70__50__25___7
Bohemian SS____3__2__2__-__-___70___32__180____30___40__20__10___3
Eros RV________4__2__2__-__-___78___35__110____30___30___3___4__13
Banshee DD_____6__2__4__-__2__336__120__140____80__110__47__22__53
Nebula CC______6__2__4__-__4__430__170__470___350__390__61__42__73
Arkham FF______8__2__6__-__3__328__150__120____90___70__43__12__67
Missouri BB____8__2__8__-__6__810__395__260___170__510_143_140_150
Loki DD________8__2__2__-__4__265__101__140____80__170__20__10__43
Thor FF________9__2__1__-__8__370__173__160____95__130__55__35__89
Diplomacy CC___9__2__6__-__6__328__180__350____95__410__53__35__79
Kittyhawk CV___9__2__4__6__-__370__173__280____65__195__45__25__49
Nova SDN______10__4-10__-_10_1810__650__560___320__810_343_240_350

Problematic Hulls:

Vendetta FF____5__2__4__-__4___79__100__140____30__170__23__12__57
Vendettas problem is crew size.
Upgrade this to 200 and Vendetta becomes useful.
NVendetta FF___5__2__4__-__4__200__100__140____30__170__23__12__57

Brynhild ES____7__1__4__-__-__162___90__140____30__100__45___5__35
So, it's got the 20% bioscanner?
Tech7??? Drop this thing to Tech2.
NBrynhild ES___2__1__4__-__-__162___90__140____30__100__45___5__35
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Post by hennef » Sun Apr 09, 2006 2:21 pm

and that´s all there is to change :)
have fun!


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