The Cylon Imperium

Post here if you are interested in the balancing of the Tim branded shiplist

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The Cylon Imperium

Post by Shardin5 » Thu Apr 06, 2006 6:54 pm

Post ideas about ships for the Cylon's. This should be used in helping Zap and Bane come up with a new shiplist. Post Ideas about exceptable race advantages too
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Post by B A N E » Mon Apr 10, 2006 12:22 pm

Problem hulls:
Pawn BS_________3__2__2__2__-__358__260__720____40__130__23_342__10
NPawn BS________3__2__2__4__-__358__260__720____40__130__23_171__10

Purchasing the Pawn for the 100% bioscan is prohibitive due to the
high Dur cost and near useless combat capacity for a ship this size.
Cut the Dur in half and double the fbays.

Cybernaut BS____4__4__3__5__-__558__340__980____50__150_163_292___5
NCybernaut BS___4__3__3__5__-__558__300__850____50__150__51_176___5

Original Cyber in total costs more than the Instrumentality.
More for less? Nuts.
Decrease the minerals, drop one engine, reduce mass, reduce fuel.
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Post by hennef » Mon Apr 10, 2006 4:57 pm

those are nice changes. that would realy make both ships useable. especially the pawn.
have fun!


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What about modifing the Q-Tanker?

Post by AngryJohnny » Sat Apr 29, 2006 1:10 pm

How about slightly modifing the Q-Tanker to be a little more useful? The Robots have to biuld 3 or 4 to equal the fighter output of an Gemini. How about giving the Robots something 'almost' equivilent?

Current Q-Tanker
Beams - 0
Bays - 1
Mass - 80
Cargo - 120
Fuel - 600
Engines - 2
Tech - 3
Crew - 2
Cost - 50MC
D - 10
T - 2
M - 20
Max Fighters biult per turn - 12

Gemini Class Transport
Beams - 4
Bays - 1
Mass - 140
Cargo - 400
Fuel - 350
Engines - 2
Tech - 6
Crew - 326
Cost - 145MC
D - 14
T - 42
M - 42
Max Fighters biult per turn - 40

Proposed (New) Q-Tanker

Beams - 1
Bays - 1
Mass - 180
Cargo - 300
Fuel - 600
Engines - 2
Tech - 3
Crew - 350
Cost - 150MC
D - 30
T - 10
M - 60
Max Fighters biult per turn - 30

-- Angry Johnny

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Post by hennef » Sun Apr 30, 2006 6:57 pm

i do not know....

i think the Q is good/useless the way it is. since you can not build any ships not capable of building fighters in space except for the cat, you do not need a ship with real big cargo for small costs.

you just build the best ship you can afford and build fighters. on some bases you build cats and thats it. the robots build fighters very fast that way. and they are very flexible that way.

plus those slaves and Qs are damn cheap. you would not need any sdfs :)
have fun!


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