StarGate construction

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StarGate construction

Post by B A N E » Wed Aug 09, 2006 9:54 am

From Fhconfig:
Stargates enabled: yes
cost tritanium: 100
cost duranium: 150
cost molybdenum: 300
cost supplies: 200
cost MC: 500
maximum range: 1500
base range: 400
prop. factor: 1.20
stargate armor: 100

Cost of a Stargate is:
100 Trit, 150 Dur, 300 Moly, 200 Supplies and $500.
For the first part (base) of a pair of stargates.

Next turn, when you try to complete the gate that must be at least
400 and at max 1500 LY distance, you will receive a message from
Fhost telling you exactly how much is needed.

The cost of the gate completion is multiplied by the distance.

You receive 2 columns of information.
The first IIRC is how much is needed on BOTH planets.
Now, here's where it gets goofy.
The problem that will be run into is how much is needed on each.

From the cost in the fhost message:
Subtract how much was paid on initial installation.
So, say Fhost tells you you need:

cost tritanium: 1000
cost duranium: 1500
cost molybdenum: 3000
cost supplies: 2000
cost MC: 5000

To complete the gate on Planet X.
(message from Planet X)
Initial Planet A being the starter/base planet for the gates.

The requirements are as follows:
Planet X needs, 1000T, 1500D, 3000M, 2000Sup & 5000$.
Planet A needs, 900T, 1350D, 2700M, 1800Sup & 4500$.

Top of my head, for a max distance gate:
1500/400 = 3.75
3.75*1.2= 4.5

Per planet:
100T * 4.5 = 450 T > 900 total
150D * 4.5 = 675 D > 1350 total
300M * 4.5 = 1350 M > 2700 total
200S * 4.5 = 900 S > 1800 total
500$ * 4.5 = 2250 $ > 4500 total

Stargates are expensive!
But they're worth it.
Understanding is a three-edged sword.
Your side,
their side,
and the truth.

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