Cloaked Intercept resulted in Attack - What gives ??

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Cloaked Intercept resulted in Attack - What gives ??

Post by Death's Head » Sun Oct 29, 2006 11:27 am


Need some info or explanation of an event that took place in a game that I'm playing on RC World. I'm the Bird player fighting against an incoming attack by the CoM. I set 3 ships to Intercept an incoming fleet and all three did NOT have a PE set. For some reason those 3 ships fought the incoming fleet and were destroyed, much to my dismay, as I wanted to split the fleet up by towing some ships off.

My understanding of how cloaked intercept works is that my ships would NOT fight unless they had the PE set. This is really a strange event as I've never had this happen before.

Any idea what happened? I'm at a loss here.....
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Post by Mika » Sun Oct 29, 2006 12:20 pm

In fact cloaked intercept has nothing to do with "cloak"
So if you set your mission to intercept your ships are NOT cloaked even though that is exactly what is called cloaked intercept.

So if your enemy uses the kill mission or PE Birds he attacks your uncloaked ships.

Cloaked intercept has one big advantage. You ALWAYS fight the ship you wanted to intercept first.

Imagine followin situation:
you have a few Diamond Flames attacking a carrier fleet. You need at least two Diamonds for every big carrier (no webs allowed in my scenario). As soon as your last diamond kills a carrier it gets blown away by the next carrier.

NOT if you are using cloaked intercept with your darkwings!
You just let two Darkwings intercept each Virgo (good example) and that's it. Two Darkwings kill a Virgo and the second damaged Darkwing won't fight a new Virgo because the other Darkwings interceptin the next Virgo fight first.

If you have 4 Darkwings attacking 2 Virgos without cloaked intercept you will lose the first Darkwing (of corse) and then kill a Virgo. The second Virgo will kill the damaged Darkwing without being damaged and can kill the third Darkwing too before the last Darkwing kills the second Virgo.

WITH cloaked intercept your first Darkwing will be destroyed and the second one damaged. These two ships were interceptin Virgo 1. The other two Darkwings are intercepting Virgo 2 and that means that only one other Darkwing will be killed.

That is cloaked intercept... it just saved you one Darkwing. When you attack 5 Virgos with 10 Darkwings you only lose 5 instead of 9!!!

And always remember that Donovan's helppages are your best friend.

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Post by hennef » Sun Oct 29, 2006 4:49 pm

this is all so true ;)
have fun!


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Post by Rimstalker » Sun Oct 29, 2006 6:52 pm

yes, and it can be found in some guide here that was written by me. But thanks for summing it all up nicely, young padawan :).
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