Welcome to Dan & Dave Special 3

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Welcome to Dan & Dave Special 3

Post by Havok » Tue Jun 18, 2013 9:49 pm


Dan & Dave Special 3 is your standard VGAP game with the 5 most popular D&D Addon's. Game runs 3 times a week until turn 25, then twice a week or when all turns are in. DDS3 ends when 1 player is left standing or by remaining player vote.

Mods: Starbase, RacePlus, Asteroid, Jumpgate, Tachyon.
Map: Doom.
Random HW placement.
Extra Rich HW, Random Normal Planets. Very High Pop. High Money.
Starbase @ HW w/ 2 ships.
TimHost 3.22.47.
Rank To Join: Space Cadet.

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