End Game

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End Game

Post by Raven2 » Tue Aug 24, 2010 6:24 pm

A few interesting notes from the Facist perspective:

1. The Crystal stated in an early-game e-mail that my threat to pursue him into the corner was a bluff. Wrong answer. By securing the center of the starcharts through alliances rather than combat, I was able to concentrate on the Crystal and Empire.

2. The Empire dubbed the our alliance "The Cloaking Clowns." Not entirely accurate, since in addition to the Facist, Lizard and Priv. it also included the Fed. We controled every cloaking race being played (the Birds were under the control of the Q), and we controlled both races that had Loki ability.

3. The "Cloaking Clowns" never would have formed as an alliance if it were not for Empire aggression. In the early game, I was allied only with the Lizard, and the Lizard was at war with both the Priv and the Fed. The Lizard entered a peace with the Priv and Fed because we needed the Priv to negate several Empire Gorbies that were pushing into Facist and Lizard space.

4. The entire Robot empire fell to a single stolen SSD. That one ship, in Facist hands, literally captured the entire Robot empire. I was able to scout ahead with Coldpains and protect the SSD with Vickies while remaining immune to planetary attack. Meanwile, my Privateer ally stole every Robot ship in sight.

5. The fall of the Robot set up the inevitable assault against the Crystal. We captured more than a dozen Robot SBs intact, along with most of the Robot fleet of Instrumntalities and Golems. We also captured huge amounts of fuel to propel us into Crystal space. We captured a LOT of cash, so we brought in the Fed to super refit all the stolen Robot hardware, and let him fly the robot carriers with his fighter bay bonus. So, the late-game pummeling of the Crystal was all made possible by a stolen Empire ship. Ironic, since the Crystal and Empire were allied.

All-in-all, a GREAT game. The "Cloaking Clowns" operated like a well-oiled machine! Well done Gentlemen!
>>> Raven <<<

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