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Abilities Available to All Races



Commander, you should take some minutes to study the new engine specifications. I have abolished the useless engine designs and offer you a new list, which each engine making sense for some purposes.
Each engine has a number in its name. Those number refers to the maximum warp speed with a reasonable fuel consumption. A higher speed should (and could) be only used on light ships or in case of emergency.
Highspeed Engines have a linear fuel consumption of 110 until their maximum recommended speed.
Advanced Engines are just the same, but with a reduced fuelconsumption of 100.
Eco Drives are consuming the same amount of fuel as advanced engines at the maximum recommended speed, but can save fuel at lower speeds.
Simple Engines are just the same technology as Highspeed Engines, but they are not worthy for that name.

Here is the table with everything you should know:

Name Cost Tri Dur Mol Tech W1 W2 W3 W4 W5 W6 W7 W8 W9
Simple 5 100 5 5 5 5 110 110 110 110 110 350 473 648 900
Simple 6 140 10 5 10 6 110 110 110 110 110 110 389 526 722
Simple 7 170 15 5 15 7 110 110 110 110 110 110 110 428 579
Highspeed 8 200 20 5 20 8 110 110 110 110 110 110 110 110 465
Advanced 8 250 25 5 25 9 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 465
Eco Drive 8 300 30 5 30 9 100 100 88 81 84 83 81 100 465
Highspeed 9 400 24 5 50 9 110 110 110 110 110 110 110 110 110
Advanced 9 500 30 5 60 10 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100
Eco Drive 9 600 40 5 80 10 100 100 88 81 84 83 81 79 100

Torpedos / Mines

Next you should study the new list of torpedos. We now offer 3 classes of warheads. Though each tube can serve for any purpose, they should be better used for the meaning, they were designed for.

  • DSM, Deep Space Mines DSMs produce a high number of mines. The tubes are very expensive and need high tech levels, but they are cheap. They do little damage in ship to ship battles.

  • CM, Cruise MissilesThis the weapon of choice, when you want to simply destroy a ship in direct combat.

  • NB, Neutrino BombsThese nasty warheads produce less damage than CMs, but much more damage than DSMs. In addition, they kill a lot of enemy crew. They do all the same effect to the enemy crew, but they differ in their destroy power. You should select the right tube in order to pull down the shields early, but not to destroy all the hull, before the last crew man is dead. Its the weapon of choice to capture ships.

Name Torp Cost Tri Dur Mol Mass Tech Kill Damage
CM Fat Boy 10 30 1 1 5 3 1 3 30
NB Big Surprise 20 100 1 1 10 3 2 50 10
CM Tomahawk 45 100 1 1 10 3 3 5 45
NB Doomesday 40 200 1 1 15 3 4 50 20
CM ThorsHammer 60 200 1 1 15 3 5 6 60
NB Dead Space 80 400 1 1 20 3 6 50 30
CM Overkill 75 300 1 1 20 3 7 8 75
DSM Class I 5 100 1 1 20 3 8 1 5
DSM Class II 10 200 1 1 40 3 9 2 10
DSM Class III 20 400 1 1 80 3 10 3 20


You can now construct a set of buildings to improve your planetary economy. You need a certain amount of supplies and MCs. Once you have the required stuff on your planet and set the friendlycode to something like bXX with XX for the building, the building will be constructed next turn. No friendly codes are needed to activate the buildings or keep them online. You can check the already existing buildings on one planet by setting planet friendlycode to sts, and check all planets by using a planetary FC of STS.

Native Schools

Native schools will improve the government type of your natives up to tribal. To build a native school, you need 1000 supplies and 1000 MCs. Planet friendlycode must be set to bns.

Native University

Native universities will improve the government type of your natives up to monarchy. To build a university, you need 2000 supplies, 2000 MCs and a native school. Planet friendlycode must be set to bnu.


Now you can build stadiums using 1000 supplies and 1000 MCs to make your entertainment hungry natives 5% happier. Planet friendlycode must be set to bst.

Theme Parks

...are making your natives even more happy (10%). You would need 2000 supplies and 2000 MCs. Planet friendlycode must be set to btp.

Mining Research Center

Increases ore extraction rate by 1 each month. It costs 1000MC/supplies. Maximum per planet is four. Planet friendlycode must be set to bmr.

Family Planing Center

Now you can build family planing centers using 1000 supplies and 1000 MCs to increase your reproduction rate (colonists and natives) by 25 clans per month. You can build not more than four family planing centers per planet. The planetary friendlycode must be set to bfp.

Robotic Factory

You can build one Robotic Factory on each planet, using 1500 supplies and 1500 MC. That factory will produce 100 supplies each turn. Build a factory with friendlycode brf.


Now ships have the option to anchor in orbit of a planet by setting shipcode to ANC to prevent beeing drifted by an ion storm.

Tomahawk Missile

This missile is similiar to the good old Mark VIII in all aspects, except: Tt causes 33% more damage!.

Neutrino Bomb

This missile replaces the good old Mark VII. It causes an incredible 50 points live kill, but it does hardly any damage. It is meant to support the heavy disruptors.

Orbital Bombardment

If a planet has no starbase and less then 200 defense outposts, an attacking ship can choose to do an orbital bombardment instead of engaging ground defenses. This way, the ship may conquer a planet with remaining structures and already working colonists. Set FC to GRB and warp speed to 0.

Doomsday Missile

The Doomsday Missile is the ultimate weapon for total destruction. It destroys a whole planet (all life, structures and a starbase, finally turning climate to 100 degrees), all ships within 1LY and causes damage to all ships within 100LYs. Start building launcher with code BAM using 5000kt of each mineral + 10000MC. Also 1000 clans are required. After 10 months, the missile can be launched by using the target planet id as planet-code. To launch a missile, 10000MCs and 1000kt fuel are needed.

Deep Space Freighters

3 freighters, the deep space courier, the deep space truck and the super guppy are available for all races. The huge demand has made the two smaller ships more expensive, while it was finally possible to build the Guppy on bases with hulltech 8. The former Deep Space Courier seemed to be undercrewed and fragile. It was made stronger to stand more troublesome situations.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
5 90 5 250 52 1 100 3 400 100 0 0 0
14 112 14 600 102 2 140 6 900 200 0 0 0
140 30 18 1200 202 3 200 8 2000 300 0 0 0

Neutronic Fuel Carrier

The name should explain everything... It can be built by all races except the Feds, the Borgs and the Cylons.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
2 10 20 900 2 2 10 3 2 20 0 0 0

Alchemy Ships

The new alchemy ships need less engines and have enhanced cargoholds. Three new friendly codes have been introduced to make the merlin more comfortable. ABD converts supplies into tritanium and molybdenum, ABM converts them into tritanium and duranium and ABT finally makes duranium and molybdenum. All transformations are made due to the usual rules (for example, 2700 supplies with ABD make 450 tri and 450 mol). NOTE: Many people asked what ABD, ABM and ABT means. ABM means "All But Molybdenum", ABT & ABD likewise.
The Neutronic Refinery ship now has another use: Every race can build a planetary Warp Interdictor, dismantling a Neutronic Refinery over a planet. This Warp Interdictor will slow down all enemy ships in 101ly range to Warp4, while your own ships may travel at Warp6. It needs 40KT fuel to work. To install the Interdictor device, the planet must have an orbiting Neutronic Refinery ship (which will be dismantled!) and have the FC of BWI. To engage the Planetary Warp Interdictor, use the planetary FC EWI.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
150 125 527 1200 190 8 712 9 2000 970 0 0 6 (Ref)
300 600 100 450 160 8 920 10 3000 1200 0 0 8 (Mer)

Native Happiness

Natives are now more sensible. If you treat them bad, they will become unhappy, even natives of the same race on other planets. If you keep them happy, they will finally reward you with gifts. The happiness we are talking about is different from the happiness shown in Winplan. For details, check the Unity docs.

Amorphous Worms

Amorphous Worms are still eating colonists, but they have learned that its good to care about ones food. The Amorphous worms are now building defenses, also on starbases (10 per turn up to the maximum of 200) and repairing bases (all at once if damaged) for the colonist race.

Handing Over Planets

By using the planetary FC xGa you can hand over your planet to other races (with the x just keeping Romulans from playing dirty games, and the a being set to 0..9 or a,b as the receiving race). The race you want to hand the planet over must have a ship in orbit to send down representals in the following ceremony. Due to the change, still 10 percent of the population will be killed in riots that follow the change in government, and happiness of colonists drops 30 points.

New Beam Down Money Codes

Everyone knows the "bdm" code, but it didn't make colonizing that much easier as it was supposed to. Now, you can set bdx, with x set to h will beam down half your money, and 1..9 will beam down 100..900 MCs.

New Planetary Beam Up Codes

The FCs BUD, DUT, BUM, BUS, BUC and BUN will work the same way as the old "bum" did for money
(in the given order, they will beam up duranium, tritanium, molybdenum, supplies, clans or fuel).
Since the Romulan master spies learned that some spied-out races cleverly used those codes for detecting cloaked ships in orbit, all cloakers setting a FC starting with x will not receive anything.

Ship Exchange

To simplify the process of trading ships, a new friendly code has been introduced: EXx (with x any character). Only if both ships' FCs are identical, ownership will be swapped. No clan on board is needed, but none of the ships is allowed to be cloaked through the transfer.

Selling Structures

Now, unnecessary planetary structures may be sold again. You'll get 50% of all invested minerals and money back, and 100% of the used supplies. The planetary FCs are SDx to sell defense posts, SFx to sell factories, SMx to sell mines and SSB to sell your starbase. The x means the number of structures to be sold multiplied with 10. So, SM3 will sell 30 mines. To prevent abuse, you must have a ship with FC YES in orbit.

The addons below are used within this Power Game. But only use the docs as a reference on how to use a certain addon feature. Many addons features are switched off or are highly customized. Your primary source of information should be my power pages! However, if you find a mismatch between my docs and the vpl-reported configuration, drop me a line.

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