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Power Game - The Birdmen


The Birdman Empire

Birdmen are spymasters. Almost every ship of the Birdmen can cloak. On spy mission, Birdman ships can gather information from colonized planets.

Cloaked Mines

Birdmen can cloak inactive minefields. The deploying ship must have the FC of DBx, where x is H for half of torpedoes, Q for a quarter of torpedoes, A for all torpedoes, and T for three fourths of torpedoes. All cloaked minefields of a ship will become active, when the ship uses the commandcode UMB. The ship can stay cloaked during all stages of the mission.

Native gifts from Avians

Birdmen get presents from their related native race, the Avians.

Planetary cloak shield

Birdmen can not really cloak a planet, but they can make enemy target computers unable to lock an a shielded planet. A Birdman ship in orbit with shipcode BCS and 50 kt of each mineral plus 100 MCs on the planet's surfaceare needed to build a shield. It can be activated with planetary code CSr with r for the race. (It's only possible to fool one races computers). Any race can use cloak shields built by Birdmen, but shields on Birdman planets are more effective and to shield would not work against Birdmen . You need 20 kt fuel when the shield is working. Birdman planets with at least 200 clans get a free shield. CShields have a failure rate of 25% on Birdman worlds and 50% on all other planets.

Birdman Sneak Attack

Birdman ship can now come out of cloak and attack one enemy ship so quickly, that the enemy ship can not raise its shields in time. Birdman shipname must start with the id-number of the targeted ship and have warpspeed set to zero. FC must be something numerical. This will even happen to enemy ships which are under tow, so the Birdmen can tow enemy ships to a waiting Darkwing... Fed ships, however, can raise their shields up to 25% before being attacked.

Cloaking Freighters

Birdmen can cloak all their freighters when using FC clk. This will damage the freighter for 10%. After initiating cloak, the FC may be changed, but not the mission. After changing mission, the freighter will come out of cloak. The definition of freighter is more strict than it used to be in AHOST. A freighter ship hull has no beamslots, no tubeslots and no fighterbays! A firecloud with no weapons can not cloak, because the ship hull supplies weapon slots.

Honor Device

To protect (and keep!) their advanced cloaking technology, the Birdmen invented a suicide mechanism that would detonate a Birdman ship if it gets captured in battle. When time went on, it became apparent that this device would not only be useful onboard of their advanced cloakers, but makes sense on any of their ships - there were only very few cases of re-capturing a captured ship. So, nowadays, every Birdman ship is equipped with such an honor device. It will deliver one minehit to all other ships at the same position, while Birdman ships there will only take 20% of a minehit of damage.

Advanced starship engines

The Birdmen' Neutronic Fuel Carrier and their Deep Space Truck do now consume only half of the usually needed fuel. Thats only during normal flight, not when towing or intercepting.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
2   10  20  900  2    2   10   3    2     20   0 0 0
14  112 14  600  102  2   140  6    900   160  0 0 0

Swift Armed Transport

Since the Swift was a rather useless warship, it was redesigned to be a little armed cloaking freighter. For this purpose, it got the same cargohold as the SDSF.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
30  30  30  170  126  1   80   1    70    150  0 0 2

White Falcon Patrol Boat

The White Falcon cloaker can now drop sabotage teams on enemy worlds by using FC TRP. The Birdman crew will reprogram the planetary defenses to shoot against own structures. There will be as many mines destroyed as defenses present, and half the number of factories. After that, 20% of the defenses themself will be selfdestructed. The Falcon looses crew on this mission and therefore, it has to return to a Birdman crew before it can perform this mission again.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
61  32  33  430  150  2   120  3    140   110  0 1 4

Heart of Gold

The Heart of Gold has an Improbability Drive which can be activated by setting warpspeed to "1" and any waypoint. The ship will then move to a random point in space within a single month. This jump burns 40kt fuel.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
20  10  70  180  15   1   100  3    100   200  0 0 2

Brightheart Sabotage Ship

This ship is currently under heavy reconstruction. While the bombing device was already removed, new devices aren't yet mounted. Better avoid building this ship.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
63  32  15  120  61   2   80   5    50    400  0 1 1

Resolute Class Battle Cruiser

Birdman engineers did not find a way to improve this strong ship. Big cargohold, huge fueltank, cloaking device and a strong weaponay make this ship always a good choice. It can even cloak in ion stroms, and it does not burn fuel for cloaking.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
71  52  93  480  348  2   180  6    280   380  0 3 8

Red Wind Propaganda Ship

Only few ships have been improved as much as the Red Wind. This cloaking carrier has now 5 beams and 5 bays. But the major improvement is the chance to make enemy fighters desert to the Red Wind. Set shipcode to SFx with x for anything, and 0%..30% of the enemy fighters will desert. This can even be done when the ship is cloaked. However, all these improvements came along with a reduction in cargoroom to 50kt.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
50  30  20  250  80   3   120  8    50    400  5 0 5

Fearless Wing Transport

The Birdmen can cloak any freighter, but they also felt the need for a freighter which will not be damaged when entering cloak, and which holds a minimum armament for destroying weak enemy outposts.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
70  50  80  800  100  2   200  8    1000  300  0 0 1

Neutronic Refinery Ship

The Birdman Neutronic Refinery ship has an additional option: It can be transformed into a warp interdictor installed on another Birdman ship. To do so, another Birdman ship must share the same location and set shipcode to BWI. The Neutronic Refinery will be disassembled in this process! The Warp interdictor field will slow down alien ships in a radius of 53ly to warp 4,
while Birdman ships can go up to warp 6. Set shipcode to EWI and have 20kt fuel ready to engage the field.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
150 125 527 1200 190  8   712  9    2000  970  0 0 6


The mighty Warbird is the only tech-10 cloaker in the cluster. The Warbird has now an increased firepower with its 10 tubes.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
200 200 200 400  910  3   600  10   150   700  0 10 8

The addons below are used within this Power Game. But only use the docs as a reference on how to use a certain addon feature. Many addons features are switched off or are highly customized. Your primary source of information should be my power pages! However, if you find a mismatch between my docs and the vpl-reported configuration, drop me a line.

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