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Power Game - The Fascists


The Fascists

Klingons are warriors, and so they are superior in groundcombat, though they can't match the Lizards. They are 15 times better in ground attack and 5 times better in ground defense than the other races.

Klingons can plunder enemy planets for money and supplies, while enemy defense outposts are unable to attack the Klingon ships. The plundered population will decrease and become unhappy until they start a civil war.
Klingons can now plunder even own planets when they fear to loose them soon. If the planet has at least 100 clans and 100 mines and the colonists are 100% happy, the Klingons can plunder the planet by setting a FC of XXP. Half of all minerals will be mined in one turn, the climate will be wasted, mines destroyed and most colonists killed. The remaing population (colonists and natives) will be VERY unhappy.

Long Range Missiles

Klingon ships of tech greater than 5 in orbit of a Klingon planet can now fire long range missiles into orbit of enemy planets. 20 kt fuel and 10 kt of each mineral are required. Warp speed must me set to 0 and ship target as the target for the missile. There are 6 kinds of missiles. Depending on the used shipcode, the missile will: Cause half a minehit to any ship in orbit when FC= LOM, kill 1/3 of all crew when FC= LXM, destroy 1/3 of all planetary structures, kill people and drop happiness when FC= LPM, destroy enemy starship fighters or even destroy a fighterbay of a ship when FC= LFM, kill an average of 15% colonists when FC=LBM, or lays a minefield of 30LY radius when FC=LMM. Klingon missiles can be swept by ships on mine sweep mission. A ship with 10 heavy Phasers has a 33% chance of sweeping the missile. Klingon long range missiles are travelling at warp 9.

D7a Armed Transport

The D7a was now upgraded to match the cargo capacity of a Deep Space Courier.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
100 60  40  300  100  1   200  2    400   120  0 0 4

D7 Coldpain Base Destructor

The D7 Coldpain has been redesigned for starbase assault. This ship can do 25% damage to a starbase & destroys all fighters and everything in the starbase holds. For this purpose, shipcode must be BBx (with x for anything), warpspeed=0 and the ship must be decloaked. Destruction is always 1/4 of the remaining structure, so 4 Coldpains can not totally destroy a base. The Coldpain will loose some crew during assault and will have to return home for refilling ranks. There is also the chance that the assault totally fails, depending on the number of BASE defense posts. To build this ship in large numbers, it has been made much smaller and cheaper.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
71  42  63  430  373  1   100  4    50    120  0 1 3

D3 Thorn

The Klingons' smallest torpedo ship: Although it does lack the large fuel tank of the D7 and has a slightly smaller cargo bay, it can defend itself better when operating in enemy territory.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
43  32  25  240  222  2   90   5    40    110  0 4 2

Ill Wind Class Battlecruiser

The Ill Wind might be the cheapest 10 beam ship in the Echo Cluster. Thus, produced in numbers, it should be a good answer to oversized enemy carriers. The latest version of this ship can be produced with only half of the usual minerals.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
50  50  50  480  525  2   300  6    300   400  0 3 10

Valiant Wind Tanker/Carrier

This ship can be now used as tanker and as fighter factory. Right, it produces free fighters just like Cylon or Rebel carriers, if the needed ressources are on board. You may also use the friendly code lfm to do so.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
61  52  10  1000 100  2   10   6    200   300  1 0 4

Deth Specula Class Frigate

This cloaker now has 8 beams and a slightly enlarged cargohold.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
45  25  89  150  240  2   113  7    60    333  0 4 8

Glory Device

The D19 and the Saber have a built-in Glory device. When activated, this device destroys the ship, but also damages any other ships on the same location with less damage to Klingon ships. When activated in orbit of a planet, a percentage of groundstructures is destroyed and the pesky Amorphous Worms are converted into more useful supplies. The device can be activated unconditionally by shipcode pop, or when when set primary enemy to a enemy race, that has a cloaked starship on the same spot and shipcode is set to trg (with KILL! mission set, no primary enemy is needed, and it will explode on any alien cloaker at the same position). The Saber was improved in almost all aspects.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
53  32  65  160  265  2   96   6    40    180  0 0 8
100 40  60  300  420  2   200  9    50    200  0 4 10

Victorious Class Battleship

Though the Klingons have other means to pain their enemies, they finally need a battleship for some purposes. The new Victorious got a stronger hull and more crew to be more durable in battle.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
250 150 100 400  500  2   500  10   130   600  0 6 10

The addons below are used within this Power Game. But only use the docs as a reference on how to use a certain addon feature. Many addons features are switched off or are highly customized. Your primary source of information should be my power pages! However, if you find a mismatch between my docs and the vpl-reported configuration, drop me a line.

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