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Power Game - The Crystalline


The Crystals

The most important thing about the Crystals is their ability to lay webmines. These webmines cause enemy ships to stop and to burn fuel to keep up their shields. If they have no more fuel, they can be taken by Crystal ships without fight, simply using the tow-mission. Crystal ships tend to have strong hulls relative to size, weapons and crew.
Crystal are becoming happier on planets that are hotter than 90 degrees.

Self Destruction

When facing enemy boarding troops, Crystals have faced always the same fate: Where bi-pedal lifeforms sometimes could expect mercy, Crystals had always been beamed out into space. To avoid this tortures, they came up with two ways to prevent the capturing: Self destruction and the honor device (for last, see below at Opal/Topaz). To engage the self destruction, set SDS on the ship you want to detonate.

Moving web mines

Crystal ships can move webmines at warp 6 when setting shipcode to MMX and shipname to nnndanything where nnn
is the minefield-id and d the direction 'U'p, 'D'own, 'L'eft or 'R'ight.

Native gifts from Siliconoids

Crystals get presents from their related native race, the Siliconoids.

Opal and Topaz Kamikaze Boats

These tiny ships have been equipped with an honor device. It would explode the ship when being captured in battle. It will deliver one minehit to all other ships at the same position, while Crystal ships there will only take 20% of a minehit of damage. Since these ships are made for kamikaze missions, the crew was halfed.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
29  12  20  49   12   1   67   2    19    130  0 2 0
30  30  20  80   10   1   80   3    15    60   0 0 6

Ruby Class Light Cruiser

With it's huge cargohold and the moderate building costs, the Ruby is great as an armed transport or as minelayer.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
60  60  60  390  101  2   150  4    250   200  0 1 2

Sky Garnet Torpedo Launcher

The Sky Garnet can launch torpedoes faster than any other ship of this class. In addition, the hull was strengthened and the cargo room enlarged.
The Sky Garnet now gathers debris on travel and produces torpedoes while moving. Since the number of torpedoes does not depend on the techlevel, it would be wise to install the best available lauchers on this ship.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
80  80  80  200  200  2   240  5    60    110  0 103

Emerald Class Alchemy Ship

The Emerald is now able to transform each mineral into another mineral at a 100% rate. And it can even sell minerals for money at a 5MC/1kt fee. The warpspeed must be set to 0. For example, a shipcode of D*M would convert all duranium on board into molybdenum, while N*$ would sell neutronium for money. Due to the huge alchemy machinery, the cargohold had to be reduced to 250kt and 2 tubes had to be abandoned. A 3rd engine was needed for power supply and more minerals for enforcing the hull.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
100 80  120 480  258  3   280  6    250   390  0 1 8

Onyx Advanced Desert Former

Now the Onyx has 2 new features: It can heat up an orbited planet for 50 degrees in a single month. Shipcode must be set to ATF and the fueltank must be full. All fuel would be burnt. The Onyx can also heat up a planet at a distance of up to (engine-tech)^2 LYs. This way, the Onyx could be used as a weapon. Shipcode must be RAV and the planet must be set as waypoint. Each month, the planet would heat up 3 degrees, burning 3 kt of the ship's fuel.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
35  25  95  200  320  2   153  8    10    280  0 1 8

Diamond Flame Battleship

This is the Crystals' biggest torpedo-ship, though it is much smaller than the real battleships in the echo cluster.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
93  70  300 400  510  3   451  9    90    410  0 6 10

Crystal Thunder Carrier

Sure, the Crystals love this ship, because it is the biggest gun they can build. But in addition, the Thunder can now destroy enemy fighters still sitting in the hangars before combat. 20% of all enemy fighters are destroyed, if shipcode is set to OSC and the enemy race is set as primary enemy.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
80  70  300 333  422  4   350  10   80    480  8 0 6

The addons below are used within this Power Game. But only use the docs as a reference on how to use a certain addon feature. Many addons features are switched off or are highly customized. Your primary source of information should be my power pages! However, if you find a mismatch between my docs and the vpl-reported configuration, drop me a line.

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