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Power Game - The Evil Empire


The Evil Empire

The most famous ability of the Empire is the Dark Sense. Any Empire ship on Dark Sense mission can sense the presence of enemy colonies. Unfortunately this does not work against Rebel colonies. In addition to this ability, Imperial ships with more than 100 crew can launch Imperial droids to plantes within 100LYs by setting shipcode to IPD, waypoint to the target and warpspeed to 0. 20kt fuel and 1kt of each mineral, 1 supply and 1MC are needed to launch the probe. The probe will report details about the planet, no matter if colonized or not. Even Rebels can't prevent this, but 100 defenses will have a 50% chance to shoot down the probe.
To better supply the Empire's large carrierfleet with fighters, each starbase can build 10 free fighters per month. Imperial ships are huge and have very big crews (even relative to their size).

Ru25 Gunboat

This cheap ship with 8 beams can do a good job by sweeping mines or destroying enemy fighters.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
27  20  25  90   10   1   65   1    1     60   0 0 8 

Mig Scout

A small probe with a considerable range.
There were rumours that Romulans could cloak inactive minefields, and make them active and visible whenever they felt the need for it. Imperial spies have revealed those rumours as fairy tales, and so the Empire has removed any counter devices from the Mig.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
25  6   5   270  10   1   37   1    20    50   0 0 2

H-Ross Fighter Transport

Since this ship has never won a battle, the 2nd fighter bay and the two beamslots have been removed in favour of an enhanced cargoroom. This ship is meant to transport the free fighters from the homebases to the frontline.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
30  30  30  280  352  2   80   2    180   120  1 0 0

Super Star Frigate

The tubes of this ship have been replaced by fighterbays. And due to better energy management, this ship needs only one engine. Also, few minerals are needed to build this ship.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
40  40  40  180  102  1   150  4    90    140  4 0 5

Super Star Carrier

Medium armament and enhanced cargoroom make this ship a good workhorse. This Imperial ship now can install a warp interdictor (look to the Romulan section at the Neutronic Refinery ship to see how it works). In addition, this fearsome ship can perform an Imperial pacification mission by setting shipcode to PAC and warpspeed to 0. The Imperial forces will calm down the mood of colonists and natives to a minimum of 69 happiness points at the very beginning of a turn.
At least 100 fighters on board of the SSC are required for this mission.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
80  80  90  400  352  2   250  5    300   320  4 0 6

Super Star Destroyer

The SSD is the Empire's great ground assault ship. When undamaged and having 10 clans on board, the ship can drop stormtroopers onto the planet, dealing with any kind of resistance. Even starbases are conquered. SSDs can not be attacked by planet defenses.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
71  42  92  180  458  2   250  6    80    600  3 0 8

PL21 Probe

The PL21 is a hyperjumping probe, meant to spy out the whole cluster. New Imperial researches have improved the hyperspace engine, so that now a hyperjump of 700 ly is possible. The hyperjump is exact if a waypoint between 690 and 710 ly is set. This advanced hyperjump is engaged like the standard hyperjump, except that it needs AHP as friendly code and will burn 60kT of fuel.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
1   1   25  180  1    1   24   7    20    30   0 1 1

Super Star Cruiser

The Emperor has decided that the gap between the Death Star and a medium battle cruiser must be filled by the SSC. So this ship was greatly enlarged.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
100 100 100 450  578  2   270  8    110   800  6 0 8

Moscow Experimental Craft

This is one of the most exciting ships in the cluster. It is armed like any good cruiser, but can perform hyperjumps of (exactly!) 500ly, using 50kT fuel. There is a chance that the jump will not be completely exact, sometimes the ship will end up 1-3 ly away from the given target. The Moscow now has 5 beams / 6 tubes. It is now a quite expensive toy.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
70  70  150 200  150  2   220  9    80    2000 0 6 5

Death Star

This is the real Death Star, not the tiny Gorbie of Tim's computergame. But of course, this ressource hungry ship isn't meant for mass production. The Death Star can tow enemy ships from upt to 52 ly into it's hangars by setting intercept course to the enemy ship, warp speed 0 and shipcode CPB. Only ships up to hulltech=7 can be towcaptured. The Death Star needs to have best engines and some fuel (depending on hullmass) to do this mission. The enemy-ship will be 10% damaged due to fightings in it's interior (Stormtroopers capturing the ship) and some Death Star crewmen will be killed during fight.
An approaching Death Star at warp 9 is such an impressive sight, that planets without bases normally surrender without fight. To achieve this, the Death Star's FC must be set to TPx (with x anything).
Towed Death Stars are regarded as unfinished and make nobody fear. Borgs never surrender because they don't know fear.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
750 750 750 2500 3333 6   2200 10   400   1500 100 10

The addons below are used within this Power Game. But only use the docs as a reference on how to use a certain addon feature. Many addons features are switched off or are highly customized. Your primary source of information should be my power pages! However, if you find a mismatch between my docs and the vpl-reported configuration, drop me a line.

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