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Power Game - The Robotic Imperium


The Robotic Imperium

Robots rely on big carriers, and for this purpose, any Cylon carrier can build free fighters, only using minerals and supplies. The Cylons have developed a new technoloy to replace molybdenum for hull construction by an unlimited available material (this only applies to unique Cylon ship designs). After that, the Cylons were looking for a new use for the moly. They finally found a way to produce new Cylons on starships by using 1 supply and 1kt molybdenum per clan. For this purpose, shipcode must be set to BMR. Last but not least, Cylons are masters of minelaying. Cylons can make 4 times more mines out of one torpedo.

Ships with more than 100kt hull mass can use massdrivers to transport minerals or supplies to distant planets up to 300LYs. Shipcode must be set to MDx with x for the subject to be transported (M,D,T,S,N), warp speed set to 0 and destination set to the targeted planet. It requires 20 kt of fuel to drive a 200kt batch.

Cylons can also let their minefields explode. Shipname must start with EXMIN and the FC must macht the ID of the minefield that shall explode. Even cloakers are damaged, but ships in orbit are safe.

Cylon ships have large fueltanks.

Viral Field

Due to their very nature, the Robots are proficient with computers. They have just found a way to establish a viral field. The field wipes the enemy ship's computer core, erasing the ship's name, resetting the FC to "VRF", erasing destination, warp factor and transporter info. The ship that is caught in the viral field is effectively stopped dead in its tracks, unable to move, beam anything up/down and even cloak. In addition, the existing cloaking shield is no defense; Robotic viral field penetrates the cloak. Therefore, the Cybernaut, which is the only ship equipped with the viral field generator, can easily disable an entire enemy fleet and cause the enemy to assemble another one as the first fleet's ships drift helplessly in space. To activate the Viral Field, set the Cybernaut's FC to "VRF", warp 0, and the enemy race to disable as primary enemy or mission kill for all races. The Cybernaut loses 5% of its crew to short-circuits as the enemy fights for control of its computers. The Cybernaut has to have at least 100 "crew-bots" to establish the field. The Cybernaut can neither move nor be towed if the field is to be

In order to prevent the creation of an impenetrable defense around the Robotic empire, no 2 Cybernauts can be present within 100 ly of each other. In this case, the Viral field will not work on both. In order to prevent an "unreachable" Cybernaut, the device cannot be operated from within a planet's warp well (1-3 ly).

Note: races that the Robots are allied to will not be affected by a Viral Field.

  Mass Drivers

Iron Slave Torpedo Boat

Since the Iron Slave proved to be useless in its last role, it was completely redesigned in order to serve as a cheap torpedo-boat.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
61  60  0   320  258  2   120  1    80    200  0 5 4

Cats Paw minelayer

The Cats Paw is no longer the only torpedo ship of the Cylons. But it's cargo room makes it still very valuable as armed medium freighter and minelayer.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
100 100 0   200  258  3   200  2    200   250  0 2 4


The Q-tanker is able to build free fighters and can also serve as a tanker. The only real drawback is, that the tiny 2-robot-crew makes this ship easy to be captured.
Q-tankers can now send their fighters through deep space to other Q-tankers, if they are not more than 250 LY away. The sending Q must set its FC to the id of the receiving ship, while the receiving ship has to set its FC to REC.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
2   10  0   600  2    2   80   4    120   50   1 0 0

Pawn Sensor Ship

The Pawn has a lot of advanced sensors on bord. It can detect native life on all planets in sensor range. It can also detect cloaked enemy ships by setting shipcode to DEC and warpspeed to 0. The scanrange for cloaked ships is 100LY, 80% of all cloaked ships are detected. If the cloaker was detected, the ownership report is always correct.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
70  70  0   720  358  2   210  5    80    130  2 0 2

Instrumentality Class Baseship

The Cylons like to build this tough medium carrier in numbers.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
130 130 0   980  958  4   390  6    80    300  7 0 4

Automa Factory Ship

Cylons usually place this ship in orbit of important planets, where it produces fighters for the base or the battle-fleet and can defend the planet quite nicely.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
200 200 0    100 1258 2   600  7    400   200  3 0 10

Cybernaut Viral Transmitter

This is one of the most dangerous ships at all, because it can stop a whole enemy fleet at once. The Cybernaut can establish a 50 LY viral field. All enemy ships in this field at the start of a turn are stopped and disabled. Set shipcode to VRF and warpspeed to 0. 5% of the robot crew will die because of short curcuits. VRF won't be possible, if the crewsize drops below 100. Unfortunately, the crew had to be decreased to 150.

Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
163 292 0   980  150  4   340  8    50    800  5 0 3

Golem Class Baseship

The Golem is the big gun of the Cylons.
Tri Dur Mol Fuel Crew Eng Mass Tech Cargo Cost FbTtBm
500 500 0   2000 1958 8   900  10   300   2200 100 8

The addons below are used within this Power Game. But only use the docs as a reference on how to use a certain addon feature. Many addons features are switched off or are highly customized. Your primary source of information should be my power pages! However, if you find a mismatch between my docs and the vpl-reported configuration, drop me a line.

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